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Personal Injury Law • Houston Texas • Cochran & Associates LLP • LB Member

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    (This is a mock firm only used for promotional purposes and Model examples of our Marketing services)
  1. Business Name : Cochran & Associates
  2. Business Specialty: Strict/Product Liability Cases
  3. Business Address : 1804 Toussaint Road Houston, Texas 77057
  4. Business Contact : John Jay
  5. Business Number : (713)901-302)
  6. Business Email :
  7. Business Vision: "We defend you from unreasonably unsafe products at all costs!"


  • We deliver highly-skilled, effective, and innovative legal representation to our clients in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

  • We deliver customized, creative, and effective solutions to businesses of all sizes.

  • Our firm is committed to delivering top-notch traditional and non-traditional legal services tailored to clients of all financial abilities.