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LIRP (Life Insurance Retirement Plan) Program for Investors • Business Owners • Strategy Session

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According to U.S. News, 

"Investing for retirement means choosing among a range of well-known options – traditional individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s, the Roth variety of each, plus ordinary taxable investments.

But there are some less well-known opportunities, too, like the life insurance retirement plan, or LIRP.

If you haven't heard of these, it may be because you aren't rich enough, as LIRPs have mainly appealed to people in high tax brackets.

But people of ordinary means can use a LIRP to prepare for a more secure and prosperous retirement, many experts say, though the well-to-do get the most out of them.

"A LIRP is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the restrictions common to traditional retirement plans, and is concerned about market volatility and wants guaranteed, predictable growth, and to avoid losing money in a market crash," says Pamela Yellen, founder of, a personal finance website. "

Looking for a better investment strategy because you are tired of donating to the ups📈and downs📉 of our Global Marketplaces?

 Are you a new investor/day trader looking for a more secure safer way to trade and needing a guarantee of profits from increase your investment earnings ?

Well then If you haven’t heard about our LIRP Program (Life

Insurance Retirement Plan) then your truly missing out! 

This Investment strategy utilizes the Transamerica FFIUL (The FFIUL gives you the opportunity to grow your policy value through excess index interest (earnings above the guaranteed minimum rate) that may be credited to your policy based partly on changes in these major stock indexes: S&P 500 ® Index, EURO STOXX 50 ® INDEX, and the Hang Seng Index. 3.) to positively increase your earnings despite the cyclic nature of the stock market. 

If you are not utilizing this intelligent investment vehicle to secure your families’ intergenerational wealth, then you may not be apart of our communities' overall solution.

Ask Dr. Mike for any questions you may have about your particular financial needs and analysis. Begin your enrollment in the LIRP program Today! 

Dr. Mike has partnered with Transamerica to better your investment experience, therefore, look no further for a better future investment vehicle through our LIRP program investment opportunity!

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