Freedom Of Faith Food Bank

  1. The Freedom of Faith Food Bank serves as a vehicle to food distribution that is shared with love and respect to those who come for assistance.  It is our intention that they receive not only positive food for their physical hunger, but food and financial literacy education that creates more space for them to give back more generous portions of kindness and grace to feed their own spiritual and emotional hunger. 
  2. The mission of Freedom of Faith Food Pantry is to alleviate hunger in Atlanta by soliciting, collecting, growing, and packaging food for distribution through a network of agencies and programs, as well as provide opportunities for self sufficiency.
  3. The problem we seek to solve is the food dessert problem that plagues Atlanta  from getting fresh produce and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Residents of the Atlanta area and other similar urban locations suffer from lack of access to fresh product and vegetables due to the growing food desert problem and we seek to provide fresh alternatives for the community.


Our goal is to create a self-sustaining food distribution where half of the land is used to provide produce to the community in need and use the other half to to monetize specific farming networks and allow for interested parties to adopt community spaces.

We plan to do this by recreating a sustainable community garden that eliminates the food desert problem where it is difficult to get fresh produce and vegetables to residents of third ward and larger urban gardens.

  • Organization Summary 
      1. Freedom Of Faith Food Bank and the community gardens we sponsor in this age of food deserts and high rates of homelessness are important to the overall growth and sustainability of community and healthy eating options and habits in Atlanta GA. Freedom Of Faith Food Bank can help to revitalize neighborhoods affected by urban decline, build a sense of community, grow healthy food, teach environmental education, and create a sense of place.
      2. We at FFFB seek to develop a space for the growth of productive plants, allowing our community to connect in a spirit of sharing. From our detailed research and analysis, we foresee that through the development of our foodbank and garden, a range of valued practices will be learned, exchanged and promoted.

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